Mission Statement and Treatment Approach

Good Earth Naturopathic Centre is a family health care practice where acute and chronic medical conditions are addressed and preventative steps are taken using naturopathic therapies. It is every person’s birthright to experience well being and joy and to respond to life in the best way possible – with vitality and resilience. Nature’s wisdom and the intelligence of the body guides the process of healing.

At Good Earth Naturopathic Centre we focus on a holistic approach to naturopathic medicine by inspiring wellness and personal growth on the levels of the body, the mind and the spirit – life’s most important trinity. Our intention is to help restore the body to a state of health where it will respond to life with vitality and maintain a state of balance. The concept of healing is rooted in the principles of bioenergetics which bridges biological and scientific diagnoses with energetics and cellular information. See some of our treatment methods.

Currently, Good Earth is comprised of a team of Naturopathic doctors, each with a unique expertise.